Webmaster Services

Ongoing Hosting and Maintenance Services

To get the most out of your website it will require ongoing upgrades, promotion and maintenance. We can provide you with these service on an ad-hoc basis or with a contracted plan we call WebManger Services.

Our WebManger services include the hosting of your website and your control panel. It also includes up to ten email addresses and unlimited forwarding of email from any domain names you have with us. WebManager services include a number of hours per month for: support, additional training, and further website development. Other Webmaster services can include optimizing your content to be responsive, conducting email marketing campaigns, and managing your social media presence. Below is a sampling of Hosting an Maintenance services you can choose from.

ItemDescriptionMonthly CostAdditional Hourly Rate (if Required)
Basic Includes Hosting and access to Platinum Content Management System$20$99
Level 3 Webmaster ServicesIncludes Basic + 3 hours of Webmaster Services each month$249$83
Level 4 Webmaster ServicesIncludes Basic + 4 hours of Webmaster Services each month$299$75
Level 5 Webmaster ServicesIncludes Basic + 5 hours of Webmaster Services each month$349$70